The New
Transparent Aluminum Sword
Mark II*

only slightly-

Be the first to Amaze your friends with this Astounding state-of-the-art breakthrough weapons system - The New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II!

You and your closest (but hopefully at a safe distance) friends will marvel at the exquisite workmanship, the fine detail, the sharper-than-a-razor-sharp edge.

The obvious quality of this piece cannot be overshadowed by any other sword at any price!

Though a common material in the Star Trek Universe, this technologically advanced material has never before been utilized in the swordmaking industry (for reasons which were not immediately apparent to us, though unfortunately have since become crystal-clear) - until now!

Just read these moving testimonials:

"...I received my New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II today, thank you very much. Now, I am afraid to open the box. Which end is which?"
-- Just Plain Scared in Omaha

"...Once I finally figured out where the handle was, I could barely bring myself to put my New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II down (mostly out of sheer terror). Now that I have, I can't find it. Any ideas?"
-- Still Nervously Lookin' in Florida

"...I love my New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II. I have to admit that I have never seen anything like it. (Or even it, for that matter.) But, will it cut through concrete like a katana?"
-- Highlander Fanboy

"...Finally, a sword purchase that will not be hard to hide from my wife!"
-- Henpecked Hoosier

"...I just couldn't wait to handle my New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II. The doctors say that all one-hundred and fifty-eight stitches will come out next week and that they do amazing things with prosthetics these days."
-- Newly A. Lefty, ICU Bed 5, Canoga Park Community Hospital

"...I used to have a dog. A really nice dog. Now, thanks to Albion and my New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II, I need a new dog."
-- Lonely in Connecticutt

Concept art by
Howy of Albion

Note the fine craftsmanship clearly apparent in this detailed photo

We wanted this sword to be an homage to those splendid examples of the ancient swordmaker's art, but in a new space-age material that literally defies description. A weapon that is broad and bold, virtually undetectable (even by the user), with profoundly understated elegance in shapes, lines and volumes.

The heft of the sword is managed by an effective use of nonlinear distal taper and a deep and well defined fuller (you will have to take our word on this). This results in a lively and responsive feel that invites you to strike with the sword - as long, of course, as it is grasped by the correct end.

The pommel of this sword is of type J: a deep wheel pommel with concave bevels (not that it really matters in this case). It is crowned by a high, but completely invisible, rivet block. The cross is a version of style 2: a straight type of octagonal section that swells at the ends and in the middle (again, you will have to take our word on this. We do not recommend touching the
The New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II to verify this description, due to the overwhelming risk of severe permanent bodily injury).

The outer third of the blade curves gradually to a sharp point. This gives a visual balance (at least it would, if you could see it) to the broad base of the blade and also helps in establishing sweet handling characteristics (at least in theory: we have been too afraid to handle it much ourselves).

If you think it looks amazing in photos - you should see the real thing!

A Limited Edition Hand Crafted Collectible Sword
This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 1,000 collectible swords worldwide. After this edition runs out, (if not before), we absolutely guarantee that these swords will be hard to find anywhere!

Overall length: around 38.125" (96.8 cm)
Blade length: around 31.5" (80 cm)
Blade width: around 2.0625" (5.24 cm)
CoG: around 4.5" (11.43 cm)
CoP: around 21" (53.34 cm)
Weight: around 2 lbs 10.4 oz
(1.2 kilos)

You can customize your New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II's grip color -- see the standard grip colors here. Custom colors, no matter how invisible to the naked eye, are available at an additional charge of $25.

The New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II...
Priced to Move at the Amazing Price of Only
$100 **

(plus special HAZMAT S/H and $100,000,000.00 in mandatory liability insurance)

Your New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II is a painstakingly researched and executed weapon.
It is fully guaranteed for life against any defect in materials or workmanship. Simply send detailed photographs of any defects in your sword to junkmail@albion-swords.com and we will be happy to schedule an Albion technician to come to your home, wearing appropriate protective gear.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, send your
New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II back to Albion - our shipping guy has enough injuries from shipping the New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II's out, and he says he'll quit if, and we quote, "even just one of these damned things comes back. I mean it! I will quit!"
Please Note: Albion cannot accept responsibility for buyer's personal injuries (no matter how severe), injured pets, family members, friends, acquaintances or complete strangers, damaged furniture, buildings, vehicles or other personal or real property, or most importantly, misplaced or mislaid swords and any injuries, dismemberments, or deaths resulting therefrom.

*SPECIAL NOTICE TO WISCONSIN RESIDENTS: If anyone finds, or even thinks that they have found, the New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark I, please notify the proper authorities immediately.
SPECIAL NOTICE TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES: Do NOT try to handle the New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark I without the proper protective gear, fully paid-up health insurance, a Board-Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) standing by on site, a MEDIVAC Helicopter (with the engine running) nearby, and a duly-ordained and annointed clergy-person of your chosen faith close at hand who is prepared to administer the Extreme Unction or equivalent.
Do NOT look directly at the
New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark I.
You have been warned.

** We really, really, really want these out of our building as soon as humanly possible.
All sales are irrevocably final. Absolutely no returns or exchanges. If you still try to return your
New Transparent Aluminum Sword, Mark II,
we will deny ever having made it. So there.

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