Corbridge Type A Lorica Segmentata

Type A Lorica Segmentata

Designed in cooperation with Matthew Amt of Legio XX from reconstructions in H. Russell Robinson's The Armour of Imperial Rome, this style of body defense was in use by Roman soldiers from the second quarter of the 1st Century CE and for almost three hundred years following. The Corbridge Type A lorica (named from examples found buried in a storage box at Corbridge -on-Tyne and dated from the late 1st Century) was most likely the principal design in use. Our version, made exclusively for us by International Steelcrafts (India), is of 18 ga. carbon steel with brass fittings and copper rivets. The shoulder pieces and girdle are fully articulated and the neck and arm openings and bottom edges are rolled for safety and comfort.

We have Lorica in stock in several sizes (S - 36", M - 42", L - 48", XL - 52") -- please specify chest measurement (with whatever padding you will be wearing) when ordering to ensure the closest fit possible.

Shipping weight: 20 lbs

IPA0005... Discontinued

Lorica detail
Lorica back
Inside Shoulder piece
Inside torso piece


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