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Longsword “Basic Training” Camp
October 20 - 21, 2012

Albion in conjunction with the Castlerock Museum, is proud to announce a unique training opportunity. Internationally recognized fencing instructor, Aaron Pynenberg, Lead Instructor for the WHFA (Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association) will be hosting a Longsword training camp on October 20th and 21st, 2012 in New Glarus WI.

The event is open to all ages (minors must be accompanied by an adult guardian), and all skill levels. The cost will be $100 per participant, and $50 for students. Proceeds will be go to Albion Swords for hosting the event, and help fund research, and to the Castlerock Museum to assist in their operations.

Aaron Pynenberg is a decorated 17 year Police SWAT Sergeant. He is his department’s primary defensive tactics trainer and has pioneered many training concepts in the historical fencing community. Aaron has traveled and taught extensively in the U.S. and Europe, and was recently featured in the National Geographic program: “Medieval Fight Book” as well as numerous on-line features and videos.

“I find a passion for the sword, in that it symbolizes honor, justice, and protection, which are all part of my life’s mission.” – Aaron Pynenberg

The goals of the program include:

-Learning the basics of longsword practice, how to begin and continue your training with limited practice partners or even none!

-Discover drills and exercises to help understand and practice historical sword combat.

-Allowing the art to be fun and informative!

-Improving your game if you are already studying the art.

This program will be tailored to the individual and will guide you on a path of discovery that will continue even after the training concludes.

“This class aims to suit everyone, I have extensive knowledge and training in how best to structure a class in combatives, and you will leave on Sunday feeling refreshed and motivated, not bogged down and beaten!”- Aaron Pynenberg

Class size will be limited, so please make your reservations today!
Contact Mike at 1-888-806-4356, 608-527-4356, or quest@albion-swords.com

Scenic New Glarus, WI




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