Albion Next Generation

Handmade scabbard in a style popular from the late 13th C to mid 14th C.

The scabbard features:

-- all natural vegetable tanned calfskin

-- hand-sewn throat

-- authentic belt construction

-- hand-made chape and strap-ends

-- hand-stitched back seam

The suspension for this scabbard is based on the famous original Can Grande Della Scala scabbard.

This is an outstanding example of the scabbardmaker's art, thoroughly authentic, handmade of the finest materials.

Sovereign Scabbard.... $1,998

Option of custom incised line detailing on the chape and belt-plates.

$500 additional
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Sword design/specifications 2003/2007 Peter Johnsson.
Albion Armorers International is the sole worldwide licensee for this product
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