The original pommel that inspired the pommel on the Knight
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The Knight
Limited Edition Medieval War Sword
(Oakeshott Type XII)

A sword of type XII, according to Oakeshott´s typology, is defined by having a broad and evenly tapering blade. It should have a good point and a fuller that is 2/3 to 3/4 of the blade length.

This is perhaps the most classic of all blade styles. So much so that it is close to being the very archetype of the European knightly sword.

We wanted this sword to be an homage to those splendid examples of the ancient sword makers art. A weapon that is broad and bold with understated elegance in shapes, lines and volumes.

The heft of the sword is managed by an effective use of nonlinear distal taper and a deep and well defined fuller. This results in a lively and responsive feel that invites you to strike with the sword.

The pommel of this sword is of type J: a deep wheel pommel with concave bevels. It is crowned by a high rivet block. The cross is a version of style 2: a straight type of octagonal section that swell at the ends and in the middle.

The outer third of the blade towards the point curves gradually to a sharp point. This gives a visual balance to the broad base of the blade and also helps in establishing sweet handling characteristics.

A Limited Edition Hand Crafted Collectible Sword
This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 1,000 collectible swords worldwide.

Overall length: 38.125" (96.8 cm)
Blade length: 31.5" (80 cm)
Blade width: 2.0625" (5.24 cm)
CoG: 4.5" (11.43 cm)
CoP: 21" (53.34 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs 10.4 oz
(1.2 kilos)

You can customize your sword's grip color -- see the standard grip colors here.

See amazing footage of Bugei's James Williams cutting with the Knight here.

Read a hands-on review of the Knight on myArmoury.com.

The Knight (Type XII)... $880
Order now before this limited edition collectible sword runs out!

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