Introducing the

Skirmish Line
Sparring Swords
for the Historical Reenactor
and Stage Combat

This new line of sparring swords has been designed by Swedish researcher, author and swordsmith, Peter Johnsson to specifically fill the need for sword types that look and handle like historical swords but are safe to use in reenactment and stage combat.

It is Albion's mission with the Skirmish Line to provide sparring swords that are traditionally constructed, sturdy and safe, with a durable finish and a rugged, attractive look. Perhaps most importantly, these models are designed to be highly responsive and agile, just as the best of the authentic weapons of the period. As with all sparring tools, these swords are designed to be used with proper safety equipment.

Being intended for reenactment skirmish and the choreographed clash of blades on the stage, these swords have demanded a slightly different approach of the design than the Maestro Line training swords.

In film or a theatrical performance, the visual impact is of great importance. An attractive and authentic period style, with a sense of shape and detail is also central at gatherings of living history enthusiasts.

To the actor in a dramatic duel or the participant of a reenacted battle, the nature of the fight will probably be different from the experience in the training hall of western martial art.

With these considerations, the swords of the Skirmish Line will still represent specific sword types we recognize in examples through the evolution of the sword.

All designs are based on hands on documentation and research of historical originals. The shaping of the hilt components will be true to period style and character of the originals.

The balance of these swords allows easy, precise and safe maneuvering. The goal is to provide the feel of well balanced historical sword, and at the same time to make allowance for the safety of the practitioners.

To have a sword that both looks exactly like a sharp historical sword, and have it be safe in practice combat, is frankly not possible -- a sparring sword needs to be designed along completely different lines from the ground up. As a result, to make the sword safe to use in regular practice, the outline of the sword must be different. Side by side, a practice sword will have a slightly different silhouette than its sharp counterpart, but it will have the same handling characteristics. This is our philosophy behind producing a superior -- and safe -- tool to use in the reenactment of historical combat, demonstrating proper weight, proper length, and proper dynamic balance.

These swords are obviously not meant to take an edge or to be used for test cutting -- the cross-section is designed to attain a certain stiffness or flexibility and a safe blunt edge. As a result, these swords will not be sharpened by Albion and we would strongly discourage anyone from attempting to sharpen these models after sale.

These swords are made to meet the demanding requirements of historical reenactment and stage combat, built to endure years of hard use.
The Albion Skirmish Line Sword Models

The Wallingford
Viking/Saxon Sword

The Rollo
Petersen Type "K" Viking Sword
The Vittfarne
Petersen Type "Z" Viking Sword

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Sword design/specifications 2005 Peter Johnsson.
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