Why Are All Albion Swords Now Issued in Only Limited Editions?

There are hundreds of original swords that have been researched by Peter Johnsson and our staff that are worthy of recreation. Some require the exacting approach of the Museum Line, because of their unique character or their place in history. Others serve as inspiration, along with other examples of their type, for the Next Generation Line.

To produce all of the sword models we want to make, and keep them all in constant production, the sheer numbers would very soon become unweildy -- too many different blade types, too many different hilt components, too many processes. We want to be able to offer our customers the most variety and the broadest range possible and yet keep the quality of our products as near to a custom sword as possible.

By limiting the editions of our swords, we accomplish the principal objective of offering variety, while enhancing the collectability of each model. Each sword we make -- since they are all made by hand -- is unique. Now, by limiting the number that are produced and sold worldwide to a very small edition (most will be of 100 - 500 swords), they will become even more unique.

This will also allow us to continually introduce new models, without creating logistical problems for either production or research and development..

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the individual swords be numbered?
For many practical reasons, we have decided not to indivdually number each sword. We will, however, have a central registry available to Albion Sword Collector's Guild members that can verify the date the sword was sold and what number the sword was in that model's production.

I like a particular sword model, but I am afraid that I will miss out while I am saving up the money -- what can I do?
We do take reservations, with a small non-refundable deposit. We are happy to tailor payment options to suit your needs

How will I know if an edition is about to run out?
Members of the Albion Sword Collector's Guild will get first notice, when the edition reaches the halfway point.

When the edition is down to 10 swords (or less) remaining, a notice will be placed on that sword's page and on the Albion News page.

What do I do if I miss out on a sword that I really wanted?
Albion Mark swords do appear for sale from time to time, such as in "The Marketplace" section on myArmoury.com.

It is possible that certain popular models may be brought back for subsequent editions. *If* a popular model is brought back in a second edition it will feature changes in the design to signify the new edition.

If there is a model that is sold out that you are interested in, please drop us an email at quest@albionarmorers.com.

Albion offers a maintenance plan to keep your Albion Mark swords like new. Click here for details

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