Albion On-Line Articles
Feature Articles
The Pilgrimage of a Sword Geek
A serialized chronicle of Eric McHugh's research trips, documenting swords with Peter Johnsson
(This is a work in progress)
The Normans: Their history, arms and tactics
An article by Patrick Kelly

A Christmas Story
An early inspiration for Albion Swords, by Howy of Albion
The Oakeshott Typology of the Medieval Sword: A Summary
(This is a work in progress)
The Oakeshott Typology
(PDF file )
The Dynamics of Sword
(PDF file)
Sword Facts and Myths Quiz: Test Your Knowledge!
(PDF file )
How a Medieval Sword was Made
(PDF file )
Sword Terminology
(PDF file )
Anatomy of a Medieval Sword
(PDF file )
The Medieval Sword: A Reading List
(PDF file )
Swordsmanship: A Reading List
(PDF file )
How Albion Swords are Made
Recreations Not Replicas: our goals and aspirations
Albion Mark Hilt Components and Assembly
Fully Functional: Heat-Treating
Fully Functional: Construction
Fully-Functional: Steel
Fully Functional: Testing
Caring for Your Sword
Albion Test Cutting and Destructive Testing Videos
Glossary of Sword Terms
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