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Traditional Medieval Wedding
(Article and Links)
by Sophie Pierce

Medieval Weddings
(Article and Links)
By Allison De Meulder


The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts

ARMA - The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
The ARMA’s website is the Internet's premier source for historical European fencing and fighting arts. ARMA focuses on researching the forgotten teachings of the historical Masters of Defence and fighting schools. Sharing love for the culture of swords and swordsmanship from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, we offer authoritative information to improve understanding of these combatives and advance the quality of demonstrated skill. Offering free educational resources and information to celebrate and explore our Western martial heritage, we pursue armed and unarmed knightly combat methods, swordplay, rapier fencing, and other weaponry. Raising the legitimacy and credibility of historical European martial arts practice while promoting its serious investigation, we feature volumes of study materials to improve knowledge among those sharing the same motives, goals, and values. ARMA is the cutting edge in the study and practice of Renaissance martial arts. We also provide professional accreditation in a cutting edge historical fencing curriculum.

The ARMA: Real world skills from real world history.

Membership is open to anyone regardless of current affiliation or membership and the application of the knowledge is left entirely up to the individual, the real goal being the spread of HEMA and awareness of our martial heritage specifically the work of Joachim Meyer. We will also certify study groups under the Meyer system.

Wood Wasters and Weapons for Western Martial Arts (WMA) and Eastern Martial Arts.

The Galician Association of Ancient Fencing (AGEA) is a cultural association interested in everything related to the ancient fencing, specially in the rapier sword style from XV and XVI centuries and also we are interested in the hand and a half sword style according to the Italian tradition.

Synthetic tameshigiri (test-cutting) targets ready to cut out of the box

Fine custom made ironwork for your home and garden

Fine Jewelry, Metalwork and Historical Armour

New Stirling Arms
Wooden Wasters for Western Martial Arts

See the reconstruction of a Saxon-era home in the UK

Great discussions and articles on historical swords


Ancient, Migration and Medieval style shields for the discriminating Living Historian, SCA combatant or Western Martial Arts practitioner.

Supporting American-Made Products and Services
from American-Owned Companies

Axe Forum International
iscussions on axes, polearms, bashing weapons, tomahawks, smithing and more.

Bjorn's Sword Site
Great guy, great site -- lots of informative articles in both Swedish and English

Castles on the Web

Collectible Swords, Knives, Axes & Armor @ Excalibur Brothers
Collectible medieval & oriental swords, knives, axes & armor from manufacturers such as United Cutlery, Tom Anderson, Kit Rae, Hua Brands & more. Start or add to your collection! Swords & Knives also make great unique gift ideas.

The Costume Site
One-stop shopping for costuming resources, from do-it-yourself to commercial vendors.

Excalibur the Movie by Dandalf the Dragon
Everything you want to know aboutthe film "Excalibur" by John Boorman. Fun site!

House De Tyre
Best known as a fighting household, but members of the House encourage their members to be active in the Arts & Sciences, and several of their members also happen to be active as heralds. Visit, sit by the fire, have a drink, eat some ribs {grin}, and let them tell you tales of their members, their interests, and how they decided to cooperate in this shared hallucination we call life. A fun place to visit!

"IMBAS (pronounced 'im-bus') is an Old Irish word meaning 'poetic inspiration'. IMBAS exists to promote the religion of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism and the cultural heritage of the Celtic peoples." This is a fantastic site for Celtic reconstructionists and has a wealth of information, both historical and modern.

In Ferro Veritas
This is a great site that assembles a great trove of information on western swordsmanship -- everything from the history, access to treatises on swordsmanship, to basic information on weights, lengths and designs of period rapiers.

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library
An excellent resource for everything knightly. Includes a glossary of terms that is very useful.

Medieval Sword Links Page
A very informative site with links to makers and research resources on the net.

Mediaeval Sword Resource Site
Very informative site for the student of the sword. Includes a virtual museum, articles, a collector's guide, and a discussion forum. Lee Jones is the host.

The Mid-Atlantic Society for Historic Swordsmanship
A Maryland based group of sword practitioners and enthusiasts dedicated to the study, recreation, and preservation of historic European sword arts. Weapon systems include Medieval sword and shield, Medieval longsword, Renaissance cut and thrust, rapier, and classical smallsword dueling.
Visit their site at http://www.mashs.org/ .

Montanaro's Medieval Period
This website is designed to serve the viewing public with some informative historical information pertaining to the Middle Ages (typically known as the period of history between 400 a.d. and 1400), providing a comprehensive reference for re-enactors, gamers, students, writers, Medieval buffs, or anyone else who might find a use for such information.

C.O.M.B.A.T. Muy Thai
If You Are Carrying Excess Weight And You Dont Like What You See In The Mirror, The New Kickboxing Program From Maryborough's C.O.M.B.A.T Muay Thai Is Just What Your Looking For!

North Channel Kilts
Rentals for wedding and other events.
We have a lot of people asking about kilt rental, and we found a place that has it!!
Great tagline... "What's up yours?"

Realm of Infamy

Our favorite discussion forum on fantasy books and films
Great tagline: "Fantasy just got a whole lot uglier."

St. Martin's Academy
The St. Martins Academy of Medieval Arms studies Medieval European self-defense as set down in instructional treatises by Medieval Masters of Arms. Located in Madison, Wisconsin.

Swords of Honor
Replica Swords, Armor, Clothing, and Accessories

Swords (by Stephen Marsh)
An excellent resource guide to swords. Lots of links to resources on the net.

Therion's Arms and Armor Page
A great internet-wide resource guide. Fantastic pictures of historical armor.

Valentine Armoury
The best in historical armor reproductions, excellent custom work. We hope to be offering some exclusive products from them soon.

Valley Martial Arts

Vintage Knives
The best of vintage and modern classic knives on the web

William of Stafford's Arms and Armor Index
Great, and up-to-date, index of information and resources on arms and armor.

Period Fencing Manuals available on line:

Saviolo Book 1
Saviolo Book 2

George Silver's Paradoxes of Defense:

Various manuals in PDF format:




Arma's reading list


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