Albion Mark Maintenance Plan
Single Sword Plan
For $100 per Albion Mark sword for one year, or $175 for two years, we offer Albion sword owners a regular maintenance plan for those services not covered under our lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

You can send the sword in for cleaning and oiling up to 6 times per year and we will polish out scratches, remove and neutralize active surface rust and refinish and wax the blade/hilt components to restore it to "like new" condition.

Collection Plan
If you have multiple Albion Mark swords, we have a larger plan. For $500 per year, we will care for your entire Albion Mark collection. Same services as the single sword plan, but applicable to every Albion Mark sword in your collection. The two year plan for a collection is $800.

Shipping and delivery insurance to and from Albion are covered by the sword owner.

Extra Charge Items
(Damage not covered by the Maintenance Plan and available at a nominal charge based on an hourly shop rate and the time needed to restore your sword)

Severe pitting that would require regrinding of the blade.
Regripping - replacing entire grip or rewrapping.
Any blade damage such as nicks, broken tips, etc.

The price on these extra charge items will be discounted if you have an Albion Mark Maintenance Plan.
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