Albion Scabbards by Buck Bates
Baron Scabbard XIIa 2-1-16-1 SOLD


Gotland Scabbard G4 2-1-16-1 SOLD


Gaddhalt or Arn Scabbard G5 2-1-16-1 SOLD


Laird Scabbard XII 2-1-16-1 SOLD

Discerner 10-19-15 SOLD
Hersir, Huskarl, Vinland G3-1 Hide SOLD
ARN or Gaddhjalt G5 10-19-15 SOLD
XIV Yeoman 10-19-15-7 SOLD
Hersir Huskarl or Vinland (G3-1) Hide Covered Scabbard 9-8-15 SOLD
Hersir Huskarl or Vinland (G3-1) Scabbard 2 9-8-15 SOLD
Hospitaller Type XI Scabbard SOLD
Knight Type XII 6-15-2 - SOLD
Knight Type XII 6-15-3 - SOLD
Knight Type XII 6-15-4 - SOLD
Knight Type XII 6-15-5 - SOLD
Knight Type XII 6-15-6 - SOLD
Knight TypeXII 6-30-1 SOLD
Laird Type XII 6-30-4 SOLD
ARN or Gaddhjalt Scabbard 7-22-15 SOLD
Caithness Type XII Scabbard 7-22-15 SOLD
Laird Type XII 7-22-15 SOLD
Sovereign Type XIV 7-22-15 SOLD
Type XII 7-22-15 SOLD
Yeoman Type XIV 7-22-15 SOLD


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