Small Viking Bearded Axe

This axe is from the 8th -11th centuries CE and is based an axe head in the University of Uppsala storeroom.

Peter Johnsson and Eric McHugh were able to document several finds there, and this small axe head stood out.

Peter made a drawing that Eric has used as reference:

As Eric relates:

"It was a chance of a lifetime.  My friend, Peter Johnsson, was able to secure a whole day of research at the University of Uppsala storeroom.  When we walked in, the curators made their introductions, then proceeded to walk us down to the climate controlled rooms.

I could not believe my eyes: row after row of swords, spears, axes, and other assorted weapons were sitting on each shelf.  It looked to me, a novice, like the jackpot of historic weapons.  

We quickly began the task of choosing which items we wanted to document.  We pulled what seemed like dozens of weapons off the shelves and placed them on a cart to take them to a study room.  

One of them was this outstanding small bearded axe.  It had an elegant shape, but it was also quite substantial for its size.  I knew right away that someday I’d like to make an axe inspired by this one."

To get the correct shape of the historical original, and keep costs down, the body of the axe is cast in mild steel and the high-carbon edge forge-welded to the body by Eric.

The axe is hand-finished and polished. Due to the nature of hand-making this axe, it may have small surface blemishes and slight asymmetry, just like the historical originals.

The axe comes sharp.

The axe is available as the head only, or with a hand-shaped 30" ash haft.

The axes will be available in short runs/limited quantities.

Length of edge: 4"
Length from spine to edge: 5"
Haft diameter: 1.625"
Weight: 1 lb

Small Viking Bearded Axe (axe-head only)... $350

Hafted Small Viking Bearded Axe... $500

For more information about this piece and the period, we recommend:
Viking Hersir : 793-1066 Ad (Warrior, No 3) by Mark Harrison, with Gerry Embleton (Illustrator)


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